Tempoary close down…..

20 06 2009

I am sorry to say that we are going to have to shut the blog down over the summer.

This shut down is now going to be extended over christmas as well..

While the blog is shut down, I would recommend visiting: The Pallet Tribune, Serebii  and Poke Beach.


Pokemon gold and silver remakes

9 05 2009

It has been confirmed that nintendo are now making pokemon gold and silver remakes called “heart gold ” and”soul silver “, more news to come!

We’re back

28 04 2009

Just posting to say that we are back and that we have a new administrator: shaymin guy!


7 03 2009

Just a small reminder to all our American watchers that toysrus are giving away the pokemon platinum event Regigigas. In Pokemon Platinum this special event regigigas unlocks three special chambers which each contain one of the three Regi pokemon.              


 pokemon platinum regiEvent Regigigas Info


Credit to: pokemonplatinum.com &  pokemonbrothers.com

No News…..

5 03 2009

Sorry, but as the title says we have absolutely no news…. Sorry!

We’ll try to work on other stuff like a pod cast in the mean time.


5 02 2009

Hi, major news to tell everyone! We have found an american air date for pokemon movie 11. It will be shown on Sunday the 1th of Febuary 2009, on cartoon network.

Pokemon Platinum Giratina Battle

20 01 2009

This video is part of Marriland’s pokemon platinum video coverage.