News Slump

26 03 2009

Not alot of news except that pokemon platinum was released in america and that game is now accepting pre orders for the european version of pokemon platinum(I’ve already ordered mine! have you!). We have also had a further revamp, so I will have to redesign the header. By the way have a look at our event zones page……


News and a trailer

13 02 2009

Hi, lots of news  to tell you about!: 

Pokemon Platinum European release date:

Pokemon Platinum will be released in Europe on the 22nd of May 2009.

Pokemon Movie 12:

Ok, lots of news here!

Firstly,I think that some people are getting muddled up between pokemon movie 11 and 12.

Next, I have found out that pokemon movie 12 has been renamed from ‘Towards the overcome’s time space’ to ‘Arceus – towards the overcome’s time space’

I have also found that there will be a surprise inclusion of the Johto starters and Heatran to the film. Strangely these pokemon have been confirmed as new.

Arceus officially revealed:

Arceus has officially been revealedon Japan this week, and as expected it will feature in pokemon movie 12.





11 12 2008

We would like to apologise for very little updates during the fast few weeks as news has been very slow. An unofficial release date for pokemon platinum in America has been revealed by an on line company called Circuit City. The date is The 22nd of March 2009, but is subject to change. Also US names for Pluto, Handsome & The Torn World have been released. They are Charon, Looker & The Distortion World. Also since it is Christmas time we would advise you to visit this link: