Event Zones

Because of the recent slump in news I thought that I would do a feature on the mystery gift event zones. (aka New Moon Island, Flower Paradise, etc…) 

First up we have…(drum roll please!)….(You guessed it!)…New Moon Island!

Newmoon Island

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.

Newmoon Island
Location: Off the west coast of Sinnoh
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV

Newmoon Island (Japanese: しんげつじま New Moon Island) is an island in the Sinnoh region, home to the legendary Pokémon Darkrai. To get to the island, one must receive the Member’s Card (Japanese: メンバーズカード) at a Nintendo event. Due to a glitch in the Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, players are able to reach this area without the Member’s Card, a problem that Nintendo has fixed in the English-language version of the games. Nintendo has also issued a patch to numerous retailers in Japan. Newmoon Island is a rocky island that has a small clearing with a pond which is shaped as a circle to represent the new moon. Whether Pokémon did reside here or not is a mystery. If they did, they were probably scared off by Darkrai.

In Pokémon Platinum, the appearance of Darkrai here now requires the activation of the Nintendo Event, preventing players from walking through walls via cheating methods such as tweaking or using the Surf glitch to obtain Darkrai. Going here without the event activation will lead players to an empty Newmoon Island.

Strangely, if you visit  the island in Pokémon Platinum and Darkrai is here, a calling voice tells the player about Darkrai’s power and mentions Fullmoon Island.



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