News and a trailer

13 02 2009

Hi, lots of news  to tell you about!: 

Pokemon Platinum European release date:

Pokemon Platinum will be released in Europe on the 22nd of May 2009.

Pokemon Movie 12:

Ok, lots of news here!

Firstly,I think that some people are getting muddled up between pokemon movie 11 and 12.

Next, I have found out that pokemon movie 12 has been renamed from ‘Towards the overcome’s time space’ to ‘Arceus – towards the overcome’s time space’

I have also found that there will be a surprise inclusion of the Johto starters and Heatran to the film. Strangely these pokemon have been confirmed as new.

Arceus officially revealed:

Arceus has officially been revealedon Japan this week, and as expected it will feature in pokemon movie 12.






5 02 2009

Hi, major news to tell everyone! We have found an american air date for pokemon movie 11. It will be shown on Sunday the 1th of Febuary 2009, on cartoon network.

Pokemon Platinum Giratina Battle

20 01 2009

This video is part of Marriland’s pokemon platinum video coverage.

Pokemon Movie 11 Trailer (Japanese)

19 01 2009


12 01 2009

New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game title

CoroCoro magazine has revealedthe title for the next pokemon mystery dungeon game: it will be called: pokemon mystery dungeon explorers on the sky. There will also be four new starter pokemon. they will be Shinx, Phanpy, Eevee, Vulpix and Riolu.


18 12 2008

The pokemon platinum release date that we told you last week has been confirmed. Apart from that we have no news…..


15 12 2008

                          Notched Ear Pichu News

The image of the Pichu with the strange ear that we showed you on Friday has confirmed as real. It is called a Notched Ear Pichu and is specifically Female. It also likes the Grepa berry.

       pokemon-the-movie-2009-trailer  untitled1

Click on the image to go to Serebii’s Pokemon movie 12 page.